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  • Millennials are challenging employees – get used to it

    • March 6, 2019
    • Neer Korn

    The CEO of the Muffin Break, Natalie Brennan, recently came under fire for complaining about young employees and their lack of work ethos. Considering the franchise’s record of underpaying young employees and that her issue was young people refusing to work for no pay, this was never going to go down well, and a furious backlash resulted in backtracking and much consumption of humble pie. But Brennan does have a point about young employees being overly demanding, entitled, impatient and a challenge to manage. In the clumsiest of ways, she was articulating a common lament of employers.

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  • Cheap milk is the Achilles heel of grocery chains

    • February 26, 2019
    • Neer Korn

    Let’s face it, perceptions of our two largest supermarket chains have never been enthusiastically positive. This is largely to do with resentment borne out of a duopoly having so much power and endless gripes about customer service, although these have diminished somewhat in recent times as store improvements have been made. The negative perceptions also have to do with their business practices and a sense that these huge corporations treat their suppliers, especially the little guys, very poorly.

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