The Korn Group


about the korn group

For over 15 years The Korn Group has been providing Australian companies and organisations with insights and learnings about Australian society.

We understand the Australian psyche. We study, research and track the attitudes and trends that reflect Australian society. Each year we add to our vast library of studies seeking out new and emerging trends.

Our aim is to place the public and consumer at the centre of organizational thinking. Our presentations are filled with learnings yet delivered in an entertaining manner. It is about allowing viewers to step into the shoes of everyday Australians and see the world through their eyes. It is about creating an instinct from which all strategic decisions are made.

The Korn Group offers a range of services to our clients:

Our syndicated studies are subscribed to by many organisations wishing to keep pace with society and ensure all their decisions and campaigns place the consumer front and centre.

Our tailored presentations & workshops cover virtually any consumer topic or segment providing organisations with rich context and are a necessary stepping stone into their specific issues.

Our ad-hoc qualitative work is rich with insights and our findings are always offered within their broader social context.

meet Neer Korn

Before entering the world of social trends some 15 years ago Neer worked in a variety of jobs ranging from PR and promotion to event organiser to journalist and magazine editor. For a while he was typist for classified ads, worked in a bread factory and for a very short time in a chicken coup.

Neer founded The Korn Group in mid-2010 as a social, market and consumer research organisation. Over a decade previous to that he founded Heartbeat Trends. As a director of the company from its inception he produced over 120 large scale reports on Australian society with people aged seven-70 years.

His areas of research encompass all areas of life including: careers, leisure, shopping, health, nutrition and wellbeing, finance, relationships, politics, image & identity and dreams and aspirations to name a few.

His work is qualitative in nature based on interviews, group discussions and observations, and brought to life through filming of the subjects.

He consults to a who’s who of Australian blue chip companies and organisations as well as government and charities.

He is a popular speaker at conferences and company planning days on social issues and trends. His range of speaking topics has covered every avenue of Australian life.

His writing and commentary are regularly published in newspapers and magazines nationally and he is regularly interviewed for press, radio and television.

Neer is the author of two non-fictions titles, Shades of Belonging: Conversation with Australian Jews (HarperCollins Religious) which examined attitudes to religion and Life Behind Bars: Conversations With Violent Male Inmates (New Holland) based on three years of interviews at Sydney’s Long Bay Prison Complex.