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  • How about a news outlet called Just the Good News?

    • November 8, 2016
    • Neer Korn

    We are drawn to bad news; we cannot help our morbid curiosity. News organisations know this all too well – bad news sells. But we don’t particularly like that aspect of ourselves. Images of devastation, war, accidents etc. are alluring, but we don’t feel good about ourselves for having seen them.

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  • What does the trend toward passive news consumption mean?

    • March 2, 2016
    • Neer Korn

    The idea of passive news consumption struck me some years ago whilst in the lift of a tall city building. Settled in for the 30 second ride it seemed everyone was glued to the screen where a news feed was provided. They were keeping up to date just by commuting to their floor.

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