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  • Modern Motherhood: Attitudes of Australian mums of younger kids

    • December 19, 2016
    • Neer Korn

    Our latest study, Mums of Young Ones: Understanding Modern Motherhood looks at the attitudes, behaviour, stresses and joys of Australian mothers with young children. While much has changed when it comes to priorities and lifestyle, many things have not.

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  • The addiction Australians readily admit to

    • May 17, 2016
    • Neer Korn

    Australians are seeking affirmation that they are needed, wanted, connected – that they are not indispensable or forgotten.

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  • What does the trend toward passive news consumption mean?

    • March 2, 2016
    • Neer Korn

    The idea of passive news consumption struck me some years ago whilst in the lift of a tall city building. Settled in for the 30 second ride it seemed everyone was glued to the screen where a news feed was provided. They were keeping up to date just by commuting to their floor.

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  • Australians are supposed to be happy

    • February 8, 2016
    • Neer Korn

    Australians believe that living in this great country, with all its blessings, it makes no sense to be anything other than happy. Being happy is, in fact, a status symbol in Australia today and so too is the imperative to project a content self to the world at large.

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