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In our 15 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of Australia’s largest organisations providing valuable consumer trends and customer insights.


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    Neer is an innovative and challenging presenter with an engaging manner. He is provocative enough to challenge the audience but sufficiently well informed not to leave people guessing. With great style and challenging interaction Neer Korn makes complex tasks simple. He gives the audience clarity. He inspires confidence in all participants that allows everyone to feel in the end that they are stakeholders in the outcomes. I recommend Neer Korn as an outstanding presenter.

    Joe Hockey
    Federal Treasurer
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    The Korn Group presentation at our annual conference was amazing. We have received consistent and very positive feedback on the event with the audience finding the insights and comments made by Neer useful for the everyday work. His was the highest rated session of the whole conference.

    Kevin Sher
    Managing Director at Blackbaud Pacific
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    I have seen Neer present several times at conferences. Each time his presentation was first class. Insightful, beautifully presented, with terrific video segments from his research, tailored to the specific client and highly thought-provoking. His style is natural, relaxed with a healthy dose of humour. I know that each time the delegates continued to talk about his presentation long afterwards. His experience both as a social researcher and a presenter makes him an ideal choice for any conference. Highly recommended.

    Andrew Klein
    Professional MC and Presentation Skills Trainer
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    Thank you for such an informative and entertaining presentation. There was overwhelming feedback that you were the best speaker of the day, and some even went so far as to say that you were the best speaker we’ve ever had. Thanks so much.

    Chris Margaritis
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    Neer presented for our symposium in Melbourne. His presentation received excellent feedback and very high ratings from delegates from a wide range of industry segments. Neer was approachable, very accommodating and easy to deal with prior to the event.

    Amanda Blesing
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    Neer Korn spoke at the BT Leadership Forum. It was a dense and complex agenda to which Neer added unique and fascinating insight. Neer’s presentation offered a departure from the obvious and introduced an unlikely perspective completely engaging the audience and shifting the energy in the room. The post event content feedback was overwhelming and unusually weighted to a single presentation – Neer’s!

    Janine Pasvolsky
    Jack Morton Worldwide
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    We hired Neer Korn to take part in an industry event for IBM called ‘ A Snapshot of Australia’s Digital Future’. Neer provided consumer insights as a market researcher. His perspectives and views added enormous value to our event, and we would absolutely love to work with him again

    Adrianne Kern
    Director Consulting at Text100 APAC
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    Neer has an intimate connection with the thoughts and feelings that drive Australian consumer behavioural trends, from pressured frantic tweens to gracefully ageing baby boomers. He is always deeply respectful of the views of everyday people and brings to life their stories in a compelling way for an always captivated audience. Highly recommended.

    Rob Grant
    Director at True Story
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    I have had the great pleasure of working with Neer over a number of years. He provides powerful insight across a broad variety of audiences which resulted in stronger more engaging campaigns. Neer provides insights and challenges creative thinking in a way that inspires marketers to do better and better. A wonderful combination of someone who is very professional as well as very personable and fun to work with.

    Louise Tomkins
    Head of Marketing ANZ at GlaxoSmithKline
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    I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Neer across multiple clients in recent years. I’ve always found him hugely insightful, a great advocate of powerful creative and, above all, a massively decent guy to work with.

    Richard Carr
    General Manager, JWT
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    I’ve known Neer for a number of years now. I’ve both benefited from his insightful work and recommended him to others. And I have every reason to continue doing so. His work is powerful stuff in the right hands.

    Mark Sareff
    National Head of Strategy at Ogilvy Australia
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    From teens to pensioners and everyone in between, Neer just gets people. He has an amazing ability to get inside their head, understand what makes them tick and how to influence and engage with them. Even more important, Neer is the master of translating all this understanding into compelling presentations that people not only listen to, but walk away knowing exactly what they need to do next.

    Liz Pridham
    Insights and Planning Manager- Foods at Nestle Oceania
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    I have known Neer professionally for around 10 years now. When I first met him, he was the driving force behind the successful ‘Heartbeat’ reports which somehow managed to uncover major consumer trends, make sense out of them and then present them back to marketers in a practical, engaging manner. Compared to some other rather more flaky ‘trend forecasters’, his approach is always thorough, methodical and thoughtful, thus giving marketers a greater level of confidence when coming to rely on his recommendations.

    Sean Adams
    Head of Commercial Insight at News UK
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    Neer is an amazing individual with insight beyond the norm. He has provided great consumer insight to us and posed some challenging questions. I wouldn’t miss a presentation from Neer and respect his ability to scratch beneath the surface.

    Jacquie Mcallister
    General Manager Retail Marketing at News Ltd
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    I have been listening to Neer for many years now. He always provides great food for thought and insights in an easy to understand, clear & concise manner – not to mention entertaining. If you’re looking for a person who has the pulse of the people then just sit down with Neer and listen up!

    Adrianne Nixon
    Senior Account Management Freelancer
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    Neer is a true expert on his subject. As well as having an excellent knowledge of the consumer and what motivates them, he is one of the most engaging presenters and storytellers I have come across. The proof of this is in the size of audience that he attracts each time he presents here.

    Sara Vickers
    Insights and Planning Manager - Foods at Nestle
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    Exploring social trends is a big part of insight generation for Simplot. Neer has been a key player in providing insights to Simplot on these trends for a number of years. Neer delivers richness from his knowledge of the macro and social trends, paired with his ability to apply this to the business we operate in. The marketing team always enjoys the entertaining and insightful presentations.

    Alastair Liptrot
    Insights Manager, Simplot
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    We have worked with Neer for many years at Cadbury/ Kraft and he is always a welcomed presenter and social commentator in the business. It’s not only the insightful and well-written reports that are valuable, but perhaps more importantly is the way that Neer brings the findings to life in an engaging and meaningful way for the team. He holds his audience captive every time and always inspires new and interesting ideas and implications for the business.

    Zoe Aitken
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    Neer always provides compelling and insightful debriefs to the team at McDonald’s. His verbal communication skills are excellent and his interpersonal manner makes him a joy to watch to present. Neer is someone who is truly passionate about his work, his commitment truly shows.

    Shamini Nair
    Marketing Manager at McDonald's Corporation
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    I have worked with Neer and been an advocate of his work for over 10 years. His work provides great depth of insight into the lives of the Australian consumer, as well as placing it in context of the bigger picture, so that we can see why things are the way they are and why we should care. His insights and presentation are enormously engaging, meaning that the audience invariably takes notice. I can say that his work has had a significant practical impact on solutions we’ve built and that he is a great guy to work with

    Chris Deakin-Bell
    Customer and Market Insights Manager at AMP
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    I had the pleasure of meeting Neer when he was consulting to the Commonwealth Bank, at the time I was starting my career in consumer strategy. He was an inspiration then and continues to be one now. Having worked with many researchers over the past 15 years I always come back to Neer. Why? Because his insights are a mix of consumer insight and a deep understanding of how cultural trends influence how people think and behave. This combination is what differentiates Neer and allows his thinking to stand out in a crowd.

    Carmen Campbell
    Director at Hummingbird Communications
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    Neer is one of the most insightful social / consumer researchers amongst the very few such people in Australia. His insights connect well the consumer and the commercial need and to the marketer this is extremely useful and not many do that! His methodology brings to life his insights in a way which enables his clients to grasp the issues and his recommendations relevantly and quickly whether ad agency or marketer.

    Ian Alwill
    Principal, Alwill Associates
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    Neer is one of the best researchers I have worked with. His knowledge of Australians – their passions and fears, hopes and dreams, over many, many years, all give rich context to his research findings. We have bought in to his syndicated studies as well as used him for bespoke qual. He always presents in an engaging way, and adds a level of insight that is unique and always fascinating.

    Carina Georgoulas
    Consumer Insights Manager at Arnott's
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    Neer can be relied upon to offer a sharp insight into people and what makes them tick. He has an amazing ability to relate to people and understand what matters to them. Neer is an absolute pleasure to work with and his insight is a real business asset

    Barbara Edwards
    Market Research and Consumer Insight Specialist
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    Neer is a disarmingly approachable person who is able to distill and clearly communicate the most significant and complex of messages to any audience. He is naturally able to support clients to get the most out of their research by joining the dots in a straightforward and sometimes playful way.

    Anne De Silva
    Consumer Insights Manager, Choice