The Korn Group


social trends

We have been studying Australian consumers and social trends for over 15 years, and have built a considerable library and knowledge base covering all ages and topics.

Each year we update our library of insights on Australian consumers by researching and publishing four new studies.

Take advantage of these in two ways:

1) Subscriptions: We invite you to subscribe to our annual program and help shape our research. Subscribing clients provide input into the studies, their objectives, methodology, respondents, locations, homework exercises and discussion guide.

2) Off-the-shelf studies: Recent studies may be purchased and are provided with a tailored presentation of the findings.

Our studies provide many benefits to organisations:

1) We bring consumers into your boardroom
2) We offer the big picture and social context for your brands
3) We ensure organisations are up to date with consumer sentiments and trends
4) We identify emerging and growing social trends early
5) We inspire and enthuse your staff

The Truth About Tweens & Teens’ presentation: