She'll Be Right... Or Will She?

She’ll Be Right… Or Will She?


A new book by social researcher Neer Korn

A journey into the Australian psyche.

How do Australians view themselves, Australian society and the world around them?

Read this book and you’re often likely to nod along, thinking ‘that’s me’ or ‘that’s my life’ yet, in parts, you may also shake your head in disagreement. She’ll be right holds a mirror up to Australian society, providing a reflection of who we are as a nation and how we feel about life issues.

Many of the pillars of Australian identity are decades old – and sometimes they’ve been around for a couple of centuries. Ideas and attitudes are reflected in expressions such as ‘she’ll be right’, ‘no worries’, ‘larrikin’ and ‘fair go’, which are known to all. She’ll be right explores their relevance today, along with our other character and national traits.

Based on countless interviews with Australians of all ages, places and lifestyles, Neer Korn explores attitudes to wealth, health, media, screens, happiness, health, finances, family, lifestyle and many other areas.

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